Are sparklers becoming more mainstream?

It sure seems that I’ve been seeing sparklers used in commercials, music videos and in the media more often, usually in a celebratory setting. Whether this is a temporary fad or a reflection of a growing popularity in the event and entertainment industries we sure do take notice when we see it. So we’ve gathered a few notable examples lighting up in the media.

Selena Gomez and gal pal Taylor Swift have featured sparklers more than a few times recently. Back in 2011 Selena sparks and sizzles in the upbeat, right of passage top 40 smash Hit the Lights.

And I think more than a few of her fans remember her adorable surprise birthday cupcakes at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. I think she was a little thrown back; Selena babe you can’t blow out sparklers!

But Taylor didn’t let her best bud have all of the sparkling fun as she introduces her new perfume “Taylor” twirling sparklers. “3, 2, 1, go!”

We think Taylor is a big fan anything that sparkles 🙂 While Taylor’s new pal Lorde looks a bit apprehensive, Taylor and crew heat up the down under while celbrating her 24 birthday. I predict right now that we’ll be seeing #BirthdaySparklers trending in social media this year.

Pop singers aren’t the only ones with sparks in their imagination. American giant telecommunications company Verizon Wireless heavily featured sparklers in a recent commercial promoting their monolithic solutions. Post production did a great job color keying the sparklers to red and silver.

A&E’s smash hit Duck Dynasty exploded on American airwaves  in March of 2012 (one of my favorite shows!). Season 4 episode 1 shows family patriarch and  wife Phil and Kay are on the receiving end of a surprise wedding ceremony that ends with a traditional sparkling exit using 36 inch sparklers brother Si had picked up at a fireworks stand earlier in the day.

One thing all of these creatives have in common are they all used metal sparklers of various sizes just like what we sell here.