What is the Best Way to Light Sparklers? ★|★

TL:DR HIGH POWERED BUTANE TORCH LIGHTERS ARE IDEAL FOR LIGHTING SPARKLERS QUICKLY. MATCHES, NOT SO MUCH One of our most common questions from customers are ‘What’s the best way to start the sendoffs’ or ‘Can I use matches to light my sparklers?’ In this post we  explain why matches are not ideal for lighting sparklers, […]

Can sparklers be shipped on a plane?

NOTICE: This post is for information only. Wedding Sparklers USA© does not recommend flying with or placing sparklers in luggage on planes within, departing from or destined to the USA without authorization. TL:DR Call your airline before purchasing sparklers from us for your destination wedding, that way the airline can confirm safe passage and give […]

America’s Best NYE Fireworks Displays

Skyrocker Display, Lacrosse Wisconsin Lacrosse Wisconsin residents may have access to the most interesting New Year ’s Eve fireworks display in the nation. Tangentially established in 1929, artist troupe non-profit fireworks organization Skyrockers have been lighting up the sky for generations. A $25 donation is recommended however not necessary.

Missouri Sparkler Laws – Can I Have Sparklers at My Wedding in Mo?

TL:DR Missouri residents can purchase sparklers at a number of retailers year round legally or online from us. without fear of getting fined by the State. Can I use Sparklers in the State of Missouri for my Wedding, I’m confused? Short answer is yes. The internet, what a lovely machine we have created. Now, most of the […]