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One Dozen Heart Sparklers
tina r. (Cleveland, US)
Wedding heart sparklers

Ordeeed heart sparklers but a Snafoo at factory sent wrong kind. Email to company and problem fixed within days correct order arrived!! Great customer service. Will order again from this company!

Case Sale - 144 36 Inch Sparklers
Ashley B. (Omaha, US)
Amazing sparklers!!

I was a little hesitant about purchasing at first but read the reviews and decided to give it a go! This was very much a highlight of our night! Was so cool seeing all the lights as we walked down the path to our forever! So glad I splurged on these! Super easy to get lit, stayed lit for the entire walk, was just SO COOL!

Pull String Smoke Grenades, Assorted Color, 24 Pack

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
elizabeth j. (Howe, US)
wedding sparklers

Came fast we’re the desired burn time and we’re a hit at the wedding

Excellent quality


Perfect for wedding send off. Great time for kids.

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Lucy M. (Cementon, US)

These sparklers are amazing! So long, pretty, and long lasting. The shipping was also super quick!!

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Jordan K. (Traverse City, US)

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers

20 Inch Showtime Sparklers 48 pack
Benjamin R. (Austin, US)
Fast and Exactly as Expected

We got sparklers for our wedding quickly and exactly as we expected them.

Case Sale - 144 36 Inch Sparklers
Julie D. (Auburn, US)
upcoming wedding

I’ve ordered your sparklers early for our daughter’s wedding coming up this October. I will happily rate them following that special event.

20 Inch Showtime Sparklers 48 pack
Lori B. (Baton Rouge, US)
Everything about this purchase went just as planned!

Great wedding sparkler send-off!

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Padraig L. (Birmingham, US)

The product was just perfect for our occasion!

sparklers were beautiful

Sparklers were beautiful & lasted a long time - long enough for our wedding "send off".

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Jo L. (Henderson, US)
Great service and product!

Thank you for your prompt service!

Case Sale - 144 36 Inch Sparklers
Giacomo P.V. (Bartlett, US)

Great product and came in on time

Case Sale - 144 36 Inch Sparklers
janie c. (Atlanta, US)

We order the 36 inch sparklers and they were perfect

Case Sale - 144 36 Inch Sparklers
Jessica H. (Huntington Beach, US)
Perfect wedding sparklers

I ordered the 36" sparklers for my wedding and they were perfect and lasted a long time! 🙂 Made for some amazing pictures!


I highly recommend these sparklers! We used these sparklers for the send off for our wedding.

Sparklers were great but we over ordered. I emailed over a week ago to find out your return policy and have heard nothing back.

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
GMish Z. (Bothell, US)
Wedding Sparklers

Excellent product, great price, quick shipping!! Thank you!

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers 24 Pack
Joanna W. (Key West, US)
Worked Great; Definitely get the torch lighters

These sparklers worked great for our sparkler esnd-off. I have worked in the wedding industry for 6 years and knew that i order for a sparkler send-off to work efficiently, you need goo lighters. Standard ones won't do. I ordered four torch lighters from this website in addition to the sparklers, and they lit so quickly. It worked much better than all the other weddings I have worked. 100% buy the torch lighters!!

Sparkler Torch Lighter
Mike B. (Fort Lauderdale, US)

I really appreciate all you did to make my daughters wedding a success. Your sparklers are so long lasting that the bride and groom did their exit 3 times! I am completely impressed by your customer service. After I made the mistake of ordered sparklers the venue wouldn't allow you made it right. Thank you so much it's been a pleasure working with you

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Diana L. (White Plains, US)

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers

Heart Sparklers 72 pack
Elisabeth M. (Huntsville, US)
Very pleased!

I was very pleased with a speedy delivery and a wonderful product! The heart sparklers were just what I imagined they would be and I’m glad I was able to get them in time for my wedding when my previous order from another company got lost by UPS during delivery. Definitely recommend this product and company!

36 Inch Showtime Wedding Sparklers
Shelley S. (Converse, US)
Sparklers were fantastic!

We would highly recommend these sparklers. We got the 36 inch size and they lasted great while the bride and groom came out.