Sparklers Aren’t Allowed to be Sold on Amazon, Here’s Why


There are quite a few online sellers of sparklers, whether sold direct, drop shipped from an outlet or from a wholesaler. However, one place you won’t find sparklers is on Amazon. In this brief article we explain why that is.

Selling on Amazon can obviously be very lucrative, however there are many items that are restricted such as perfumes or aerosols while other products are outright banned such as firecrackers and sparklers. These policies are clearly defined here. For those that do not have a seller central account to view that link below is a screenshot (12.09.2019).

Sparklers Banned On Amazon

But why is Amazon prohibiting the sale of sparklers? We’ve uncovered several reasons described below:

  • Sparklers are considered Hazmat and fall into a weird shipping category that restricts shipping to ground only. Amazon doesn’t like to restrict products to a certain type of shipping ie, products should be able to be shipped via air for fastest delivery. We’ve discussed why sparklers aren’t allowed on planes in a previous post.
  • Sparklers are not allowed via USPS shipping. This is a severe restraint for Amazon for last mile delivery.
  • Sparklers aren’t allowed in some jurisdictions where Amazon has warehouses making storage a legal hassle.

There you have it, Amazon simply does not want to deal with the headache of selling sparklers on their platform. So if you’re looking for sparklers for your wedding, birthday, July 4th celebration or simply to have on hand for parties you don’t need to look further than here.

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