What is the Best Way to Light Sparklers? ★|★


One of our most common questions from customers are ‘What’s the best way to start the sendoffs’ or ‘Can I use matches to light my sparklers?’ In this post we  explain why matches are not ideal for lighting sparklers, explain why butane torch lighters are ideal and introduce our new line of Sparkler Torch Lighters.

There are two main reasons why matches are not ideal to ignite sparklers. Sparklers require a relatively high temperature to ignite. Matches have to be lit for a significant amount of time to achieve the energy required to combust the sparkler material. Long story short, matches simply don’t get hot enough to make for a quick light. Matches are also difficult to light and keep lit in windy conditions.

In the past we’ve recommended Bic style grill lighters. If you have one handy it may suffice. However these common ‘cigarette’ or ‘grill’ lighters do not burn nearly as hot as the butane torch lighters and therein lies the rub. Bic lighters work but they are slow to ignite the sparklers and you may still have troubles in windy conditions.

Enter the butane lighter¹.

The best part is they burn fast and hot so they ignite sparklers super quick! Wind proof to boot.

We’ve managed to source 2 types of torch lighters that we feel have the right blend of classy look, affordability and features that our customers demand. The first is the Standard Sparkler Torch Lighter and comes in Matte Black or Chromed-Out. It features an extended lighter throw, an airflow regulator, gas regulator and a rigid safety toggle. Plus it takes a lot of wind to blow these puppies out!

Introducing our new line of sparkler torches. Guaranteed to light sparklers fast.

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Aren’t these adorable? We think the ivory fabric inlay is a nice touch.

The second is the Jumbo Sparkler Torch Lighter with all of the same great features in addition to ‘double-click to start’ safety button.

Jumbo sparkler torch lighter. It's ridiculously huge. More info to come.

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There you have it. Our answer to the common question of ‘What is the best way to light sparklers?’ Easy. Butane Torch Lighters. They are fast and wind resistant.

A note about shipping. All lighters must be shipped separately via a different carrier than the sparklers and therefore we recommend adding 5 days lead time for lighter orders. The map on our homepage does not apply to lighters. If you need expedited lighter shipment contact us.

¹Various permutations of these exist: “cigar lighter”, “torch lighter”, “creme-brulee torch”, “Pex torch” and on and on. Now included “Sparkler Torch” 😀